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Post-Windshield Replacement: Avoid These Mistakes

July 18, 2023

What should I avoid after windshield replacement?

A windshield replacement is the process of removing a broken or damaged windshield and installing a new one. This is usually done by a professional auto glass technician and we at Nuvision take utmost care of your vehicle’s windshield. However, after we finish with replacing your windshield, it is of utmost importance that you should avoid some crucial things. We will list that out for you.

Ten Crucial Things to Avoid After a Windshield Replacement

After you’ve had your windshield replaced, there are specific steps you should avoid to protect your new windshield and ensure it properly seals and sets. Following these guidelines will help you maintain the integrity and longevity of your new windshield.

Do Not Drive Immediately: After a windshield replacement, the adhesive requires time to dry properly for a firm seal. Your technician should tell you the ‘safe drive away time.’ This waiting period may range from an hour to several hours depending on the type of adhesive used.

Avoid Car Washes: Avoid car washes, especially automated ones, for at least 48 hours after replacement. The high-pressure water can disturb the new windshield seal and molding.

Keep the Inside of the Car Clean: Dust and dirt on the dashboard can seep into the adhesive, preventing it from sealing correctly. Keep the inside of your car clean, especially the dashboard area.

Leave the Retention Tape On: Technicians often place retention tape to hold the windshield in place during the first few hours’ post-installation. It might not look appealing, but it’s best to leave it on for at least 24 hours unless otherwise instructed.

Avoid Slamming Doors: Try not to slam your car doors for the first few days after installation. The force created by shutting the door can put extra pressure on your windshield, causing the new seal to break.

Do Not Remove the Windshield Wipers: Unless necessary, avoid removing the wipers for the first 48 hours. Reinstallation could potentially harm the new windshield.

Avoid Gravel Roads: If possible, avoid driving on gravel roads or other areas where your windshield might be hit by debris. The impact of a rock or other hard objects can damage the new glass.

Do Not Use the Rear Defrost: In the first day or two after windshield replacement, avoid using the rear defrost. The sudden change in temperature could impact the adhesive’s curing process.

Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes: In the first few days after windshield replacement, avoid parking in direct sunlight or using your car’s air conditioning or heat at extreme temperatures, as this can affect the curing process of the windshield adhesive.

Do Not Use Ammonia-based Glass Cleaners: Ammonia can harm the tint in your windshield glass and the surrounding parts. It’s best to use ammonia-free cleaners when cleaning your new windshield.

By avoiding these actions, you will help to ensure that your windshield replacement is a success, and you can enjoy clear, unimpeded views of the road ahead for many miles to come.

Importance of taking precautions after windshield replacement

In essence, taking precautions after windshield replacement are designed to give your new windshield the best chance of creating a safe, secure, and durable seal with your vehicle, ensuring your safety on the road. Taking precautions after a windshield replacement is crucial for several reasons:

Ensuring Proper Adhesive Curing: The adhesive used to hold the windshield in place needs time to cure and reach its full strength. Certain activities, like driving immediately after installation or slamming the car doors, can disturb the curing process, potentially leading to leaks or the windshield becoming loose.

Protecting the New Seal: Activities such as car washes or removal of the retention tape too soon can disturb the new seal before it’s fully set. This can create gaps, leading to wind noise, water leakage, or a loose windshield.

Preventing Damage: The newly installed windshield is vulnerable to damage from sudden temperature changes, pressure, or impact from debris, especially in the first few days after replacement.

Maintaining Warranty: Many windshield replacement companies provide a warranty on their work, but not adhering to the after-care instructions can void this warranty.

Now, that you are aware of what precautions that you must take after windshield replacement, you can help to ensure that your new windshield lasts for many years to come. In any case, you may contact Nuvision for our impeccable service.

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