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Trusted Shop With All Insurance

NuVision is a trusted service provider with all insurance companies. We file all of the paperwork for you and make the entire setup process very easy.

We Make Things Easy

Our representatives are always standing by to help you with your insurance claim. We also offer texting, messaging, and live chat for convenience.

Lifetime Guarantee

Whether you’re receiving repair work of getting a brand new piece of glass, we offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee and will fix it within 24 hours.



Glendale Windshield Replacement

Say hello to hassle-free windshield replacement with NuVision. Our auto glass services are available for the entire City of Glendale – giving its residents access to high quality windshield replacements that NuVision proudly offers.

By trusting NuVision, we guarantee that only qualified auto glass technicians will replace your windshield. They are equipped with high grade tools and equipment, assuring excellence in every replacement. What’s more is that we do our services completely mobile, which means we can do the replacement at your home, office, or at another location of your choice.

In addition, Glendale residents get access to the following:

  • Free Lifetime Chip Repair For Your Windshield
  • Mobile Service
  • Auto Glass Repair
  • ADAS Recalibration

Looking for a professional windshield replacement company? Then look no further than NuVision! Dial (855) 213-0100 on your phone today!

Glendale Auto Glass Replacement Services

We are serving the following ZIP codes in Glendale, AZ:

  • 85301
  • 85302
  • 85303
  • 85304
  • 85305
  • 85306
  • 85307
  • 85308
  • 85309
  • 85310
  • 85311
  • 85312
  • 85318

Windshield and Auto Glass Repair in Glendale

Do you need to get your windshield repaired? Then better call NuVision today! We serve the entire City of Glendale, allowing our services to reach you wherever you are in the city.

A minor windshield damage may not seem a huge problem at first. But by ignoring it, the chip or crack will worsen – making your windshield impossible to repair. Unless you have glass coverage, you will need to spend hundreds of dollars to have it replaced.

The good news is that with NuVision, you can get access to reliable windshield repair services that fix any minor damage in no time. Our auto glass specialists use high grade solutions to fix the damage and prevent your windshield from cracking further.

Aside from your windshield, we also repair the following auto glasses:

  • Rear Door Glass
  • Front Door Glass
  • Quarter Door Glass
  • Back Windows

Book a windshield repair today. Call us at (855) 213-0100!

Hey Glendale – NuVision is Here to Replace Your Windshield!

Windshield damage is a common problem in all Arizona cities and towns, including Glendale. In fact, several reports suggest that Arizona is the nation leader in the number of windshield replacements.

In Glendale, several factors may cause windshield damage. It can be due to the hot weather in the city, which causes windshields to expand and crack. It can also be due to the huge number of gravel rocks scattered in the city’s roadways. Strong winds will cause these rocks to fly around and hit your windshield. There are many other possible reasons behind this, but regardless, one thing is for sure – you must be ready when this happens.

With NuVision, you will have a reliable partner who can provide you high quality windshield replacements anywhere you are in Glendale. We can even do the replacement at the location of your choice – your home, office, or at any Glendale location.

For appointments and inquiries, you can call NuVision at (855) 213-0100!

Windshield Replacement Near Me

Are you looking for a professional team who can replace your windshield within Glendale? Then NuVision is the best company you should call! We have a dedicated team of trained auto glass technicians who can provide you with quality workmanship and great customer experience.

NuVision’s services are completely mobile. We give you liberties to choose a location that you best prefer. It can be at your home, office, or anywhere within Glendale. Just tell us where and after finalizing your appointment, we will send a team at your preferred location to get the job done quickly.

Experience a hassle-free windshield replacement with NuVision. Call us today at (855) 213-0100 to set up an appointment!

Cost to Replace Windshield in Glendale

Windshield damage may happen at any time. If you don’t have insurance, a windshield replacement can cost you hundreds of dollars. Though, the exact cost varies, depending on the type of vehicle you own. To get an estimated cost, you can contact NuVision at (855) 213-0100 for a free quote!

But if you have glass coverage in your insurance, then getting a windshield replacement can be a breeze! There is a possibility that your total out-of-pocket costs could amount to $0. We, at NuVision, can even help you make an insurance claim. We will even do all the paperwork for you. Just make sure that your insurance details are ready, so we can start the process immediately.

After finalizing your insurance claim, we will send our team to your location anywhere in Glendale. If you qualify, you can even get a $100 guaranteed minimum cash back (up to $450) + free bonus dinner at Rodizio Grill.

Want to know more about NuVision’s services and how we can help you deal with your insurance company? Then give us a call today!

Get Cash Back With Your Windshield Replacement in Glendale

Does “windshield replacement that pays you” sounds interesting? Then, NuVision Auto Glass can be of help! We are offering awesome cash back replacement deals that will surely captivate you!

All customers who get an insurance-approved windshield replacement can get a $100 guaranteed minimum cash back (up to $450) + free bonus dinner at Rodizio Grill.

Unlike other auto glass shops, we never settle for less and ensure only the best cash back deals are in place for our customers!

Call (855) 213-0100 to set up an appointment!

ADAS Windshield Recalibration in Glendale

Is your vehicle integrated with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS? Then there is an additional procedure your vehicle must undergo after replacing its windshield — ADAS recalibration.

ADAS are a series of smart automobile solutions designed to give drivers access to road safety features. Basically, they help you avoid any problems that driving and parking your vehicle might cause. To function properly, ADAS cameras and sensors rely on a windshield-mounted camera. Changing your windshield causes this camera to be slightly misaligned, which may result in inaccurate readings.

At NuVision, we are committed to helping you drive safely. That is why on top of our outstanding auto glass services, our team can also help you in assuring that the ADAS setup of your vehicle is calibrated accordingly.

Depending on the type of vehicle you own, the procedure can be done on the road or at our nearest calibration shop.

Static calibration – This procedure can only be done in a controlled, specialized environment. That is why our calibration techs will bring your vehicle to an ADAS calibration shop. Available here are highly sensitive equipment that are used to fully re-calibrate your ADAS based on your manufacturer’s required standard.

Dynamic calibration – This procedure can be carried out completely mobile, preferably at the location of your windshield replacement appointment. Special handheld tools will be used for the completion of this procedure. Our calibration tech guy will drive your vehicle at a manufacturer-provided speed and distance, allowing all ADAS features to fully re-calibrate.

Glendale Auto Glass

To guarantee auto glass services of the highest quality, NuVision certifies that all the materials and equipment we use have passed industry standards – especially when it comes to the auto glass we provide our clients. To know what type of vehicle glass we use, we listed them below:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) – Quality is what NuVision is all about. With our dedication to provide excellent services to our customers, we source top-grade OEM replacements from our suppliers. These auto glass replacements can equal the glass your vehicle originally came with when it comes to durability, making it a decent and long lasting choice.

Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) – We want to provide our customers with a variety of choices when they come to us. That is why we also offer premium grade OEE auto glass replacements. Compared to OEM, OEE glasses are significantly cheaper yet still possess great build quality.

About the City of Glendale

Glendale is a city located in Maricopa County, Arizona. It currently has an estimated population of over two hundred fifty thousand people, making it one of the most populated cities in the state.

From natural attractions to commercial destinations, there are a lot of activities to enjoy and popular spots to visit in Glendale. One exciting place to go to is the Westgate Entertainment District. It is one of the largest premier entertainment destinations in the United States. You can do a lot of entertaining activities here such as shopping, dining, enjoying community events, and more.

Popular attractions around Glendale

  • Thunderbird Conservation Park
  • Xeriscape Botanical Gardens
  • University of Phoenix Stadium
  • Glendale 9 Drive-In Theater
  • Glendale Historic District

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