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How to Avoid Frost on Windshield or Icy Windshield?

December 4, 2023

Preventing auto glass from freezing during the winter months is crucial for ensuring safe and efficient driving. The formation of ice on your car’s windshield can significantly impair visibility and make early morning commutes particularly challenging. By using a variety of methods and products, such as winter windshield covers and windshield de-icer sprays, you can effectively prevent and manage icy windshields. In this blog by Nuvision Auto Glass, we discuss how to prevent auto glass from freezing in winter.

Winter Windshield Cover

One of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent ice on your windshield overnight is by using a winter windshield cover. These covers are designed to protect your car’s windshield from frost, snow, and ice accumulation. They are easy to install and remove, saving you the time and effort of scraping off ice in the morning. When choosing a cover, ensure it’s made from durable, waterproof materials and fits your vehicle’s windshield size.

How to Prevent Icy Windshield

The key to preventing an icy windshield lies in proactive measures. Here are some measures:

Prevent Ice on Windshield Overnight

Parking your car in a garage or under a shelter can significantly reduce the chances of ice formation. If these options are not available, try to park your car facing east. The morning sun will help melt the ice and make it easier to remove. Additionally, lifting your windshield wipers away from the glass can prevent them from freezing to the windshield.

Prevent Frost on Windshield

To prevent frost on your windshield, consider using a homemade de-icing solution. Mix two parts rubbing alcohol with one part water and apply it to your windshield. The alcohol will prevent water from freezing. Store this mixture in a spray bottle in your car for easy application during unexpected frosty conditions.

Avoid Frost on Windshield

To further avoid frost, regularly check and maintain your car’s heating system, especially the defroster. A well-functioning defroster can quickly clear minor frost buildup. Additionally, keeping your windshield clean and free of dirt and grime can reduce the surface area where frost can form.

How to Keep Car Windows from Icing Up

Besides the windshield, it’s important to protect your car’s other windows from icing up. Here are some ways to keep your car windows from freezing in winter.

  • Use a De-Icer Spray : Commercial de-icer sprays can be very effective. You can either buy them from a store or make your own at home using a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Cover the Windshield : Before a frosty night, cover your windshield with a frost guard or even a simple piece of cardboard. This physical barrier can prevent ice from forming directly on the glass.
  • Parking Strategy : If possible, park your car in a garage or under a shelter. If you have to park outside, try to park facing east; the morning sun can help melt away some of the ice.
  • Homemade Preventive Solutions : Spraying a solution of three parts vinegar to one part water on your car windows in the evening can help prevent frost. Another mixture that works is two parts rubbing alcohol to one part water.
  • Heated Windshield Technology : Some newer car models come with heated windshields that can prevent ice from forming.
  • Rubbing Alcohol on Wipers : To prevent your wiper blades from sticking to the windshield, you can wipe them down with rubbing alcohol.
  • Use a Dehumidifier : Reducing moisture inside the car can help prevent frost. Portable car dehumidifiers or moisture absorbers can be useful.
  • Start Your Car Early : If you start your car a few minutes before you need to leave, you can use the defroster to melt the ice. Just ensure not to leave your car unattended while it is running.
  • Avoid Hot Water : Never pour hot water on icy or frosty windows. The rapid temperature change can cause the glass to crack.
  • Regular Maintenance : Regularly cleaning your windshield and replacing wiper blades when necessary can improve their effectiveness in preventing ice buildup.


Preventing auto glass from freezing in winter requires a mix of preventative measures and the right tools. With these strategies, you can navigate winter roads safely and with clear visibility.


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