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5 Driving Habits You Should Definitely Avoid

August 24, 2020

Driving is a common daily activity for a lot of people. Though it may seem an easy task for some, accidents can happen.

In fact, there are about 6 million motor vehicle accidents reported in the U.S. per year. Of this, more than 36 thousand people lost their lives.

As a driver, you can prevent getting into an accident by practicing good driving behavior. This means quitting all bad driving habits you may have.

Here are 5 bad driving habits that you should definitely avoid starting right now:

What Bad Driving Habits to Avoid


One of the most common bad driving habits one can have is neglecting speed limits. Those are put there for a reason — safety.

And we’re not just talking about your safety as a driver here, but also for everyone else on the road along with you. This includes other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Speeding is not just a minor issue. In fact, it is a really serious one. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that over nine thousand speeding-related deaths were reported in 2018 — which is 26% of all traffic fatalities for that year!

With that said, always be cautious of the speeding limit wherever you are driving at. That way, you can remain safe from the dangers of speeding.

Using of Phone (or any other gadget)

I know you’ve heard about not using your mobile phone while driving, but are you really adhering to this rule? Mobile usage is one form of distracted driving, and probably the worst one.

Sending a text message will not just take your eyes off the road, but also takes your hand away from the steering wheel — causing you to lose your full attention on the road. Who knows what can happen in those few seconds you’re distracted?

However, know that distracted driving is not just limited to mobile phone usage. Any activity that diverts your attention should be avoided, including fiddling with the stereo/navigation system, eating, putting on makeup, and more.

Not Wearing a Seatbelt

Buckling up every time before you drive is one of the basic rules of driving. I am sure you already know what seat belts are for and why they’re important. Just make sure that you always wear them before you hit the road.

Not convinced that seatbelt can keep you safe? Well, facts don’t lie. Did you know that 47% of all motor vehicle fatalities in America were unrestrained. That alone is enough reason for you to always buckle up.

Avoid Drowsy Driving

Driving while drowsy can be fatal. Though not the highest cause of motor vehicle fatality, drowsy driving still takes hundreds of lives each year.

Always be vigilant for any signs of drowsiness. If you are feeling drowsy, pull up on a safe place and give yourself a chance to rest for a while. This is because if you don’t have any sleep, it is highly likely for you to fall asleep even when you are driving.

Don’t Drink and Drive

A bad driving habit list will not be complete without this one. Did you know that in the U.S., around 30 people die everyday due to drunk driving? So if we do that math, we can conclude that drunk driving claims over 10,000 lives per year — making it the leading cause of fatal vehicle accidents.

With that said, make yourself a responsible driver and avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol. It is not that really that difficult, you just need to plan ahead whenever you are about to drink away from home. Just ask someone to be your designated driver, or you can just call a taxi or book a ride-hailing service.

Drive Responsibly. Remain Safe. Always.

Remember that being a responsible driver will always keep you safe. Bad driving habits may seem to make driving convenient now, but what they really are just accidents waiting to happen. Keeping yourself safe on the road starts with you. Make sure that you follow all traffic laws and quit any bad driving you may have.

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