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3 Best Ways to Keep Your Windshield Protected

December 18, 2020

Windshields are designed to be durable, keeping us safe from external objects that may hit our way. However, even the most expensive windshield  is not indestructible.  Damages can occur, which will require to have your windshield replaced or repaired.

Great thing is there are ways for you to ensure that you can keep your windshield protected from certain things that can cause it to break. Here are 3 important tips to follow if you want to protect your windshield from chips and cracks:

Best Windshield Care Tips

Avoid Construction Sites

The most common cause of windshield damage is getting hit by flying rocks and other debris. With that said, it is safe to say that areas where you can encounter those things should be avoided as much as possible. And what other place is more notorious for rocks and debris than construction sites.

As much as possible, avoid driving near construction sites. There’s a lot of digging happening in those sites, which leaves many rocks within the surrounding roads. If a speeding car in front of you kicks up rock, it can hit your windshield. Try looking for an alternative route. If not possible, just drive slow and keep your distance from other vehicles to minimize the risks.

Park Your Car in Shaded Areas

Avoid parking under the sun. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can potentially damage your windshield or make its lifespan shorter.

This is most especially important if your windshield already has small cracks on it. Small windshield damages can expand if your car stays in direct sunlight for a considerable amount of time. Try your best to find shady parking spots when you intend to leave your car for a while.

Drive The Speed Limit and Keep Your Distance

This tip will not just help in keeping your windshield safe, but it will allow you to avoid tickets as well. As mentioned before, a speeding car in front of you can kick up a rock to your windshield, possibly causing damage to it. But if you drive within the speed limit, you can lessen the impact of flying rocks to your windshield.

One more advice is to always keep your distance from the car in front of you. That way, you give flying rocks and debris time to reduce their speed before hitting your windshield, significantly minimizing the impact.

Need Windshield Replacement?

In keeping your windshield protected, you can only do so much. In case your windshield gets chipped or cracked, your best option is to immediately contact an auto glass shop to have your windshield replaced or repaired.

Keep in mind that windshields are there to keep you away  from harm. If it’s damaged, it will not be able to provide the safety it is designed to do in the first place. So once you see a windshield chip or crack, get in touch with windshield professionals right away.

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