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Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repair in Cave Creek, AZ.

Welcome to NuVision Auto Glass, your trusted auto glass partner in Cave Creek Arizona! As a proud BBB accredited business, we take pride in being the #1 choice for auto glass services in the state. Experience the convenience of same-day windshield replacement, ensuring you get back on the road promptly. Our commitment to affordability is evident with windshield replacements starting at just $99. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of up to $375 instant cash back on windshield replacements. Trust us for exceptional service, unbeatable prices, and a commitment to keeping Arizona roads safe with crystal-clear windshields.

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    Location Details

    Name: Cave Creek

    Address: Cave Creek, Arizona, United States, 85327, 85331

    Contact Number: (855) 213-0100

    Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 6AM to 8PM MST | Saturday: 6AM to 6PM MST | Sunday: 6AM to 5PM MS

    The #1 Auto Glass Company in Cave Creek

    Cave Creek Auto Glass Replacement Services

    NuVision’s services are available in the following ZIP codes in Cave Creek, AZ:

    • 85327
    • 85331


    Cave Creek Windshield Replacement

    Cave Creek residents can experience high-quality windshield replacement with NuVision! All of our services are done by professionally trained techs using only the finest materials and equipment in the auto glass industry.

    With our complimentary mobile services, you have the freedom to choose where the service will happen. Whether you are at work or relaxing at home, our team will come to you and get the job done.

    If you have full insurance coverage on your vehicle, our team will be happy to help you make an insurance claim. And depending on your insurance type and provider, you could get up to $100 cash back + free bonus dinner at Rodizio Grill.

    NuVision also provides the following services in Cave Creek, AZ:

    Book an appointment now! You can also know more about our services or get a free estimate by calling (855) 213-0100!

    Windshield and Auto Glass Repair in Cave Creek

    If you’re looking for a reliable windshield repair service provider in Cave Creek, then you are in the right place! NuVision offers excellent services that can prevent your windshield from cracking further!

    No matter how small the chip or crack on your windshield is, you should have it repaired immediately. Not only is it illegal to drive with a cracked windshield, it also poses serious security threats. Cracked windshields obstruct the view of drivers, preventing them to see the road clearly.

    Aside from your windshields, we also provide top notch replacement services for the following:

    Have your windshield repaired before it’s too late! Book an appointment now with Nuvision by calling (855) 213-0100!

    Hey Cave Creek – NuVision is Here to Replace Your Windshield!

    Cave Creek is a small town with a population of more than 5,000 residents. But similar to other locales in Arizona, windshield damage due to rocks and other debris on the road may happen any time. Great news is that with NuVision, you have a reliable partner that can help you replace your windshield anytime you need to!

    We are servicing the entire town of Cave Creek. So wherever you are in the area, we will come to you to provide excellent windshield replacement services. You’ve read that right! As part of our complimentary mobile services, we give you the freedom to choose where the replacement service happens. Our team will come to your preferred location and do the job whenever you are ready.

    Experience hassle-free windshield replacement with NuVision! Book an appointment now by calling (855) 213-0100!

    Windshield Replacement Near Me

    Are you looking for a reliable windshield replacement service company within Cave Creek? With Nuvision, you can get that and more! We offer excellent windshield replacement and other auto glass services for the entire Town of Cave Creek!

    When you need to have your windshield replaced, just give NuVision a call and we guarantee to provide top notch quality service that won’t hurt your pocket. All of our offerings are competitively priced while ensuring that the integrity and quality of our service remains.

    Call us at (855) 213-0100 to get a free quote or book an appointment. Once we determine your auto glass needs, our highly qualified techs will come to you wherever you are in Cave Creek!

    Cost to Replace Windshield in Cave Creek

    Wondering how much windshield replacement costs in Cave Creek? It is definitely not cheap, though the price will depend on your vehicle’s make and model. If you own a really expensive car, you might spend up to $1000 out of your own pocket, especially if you do not have insurance to shoulder the expenses.

    But with NuVision, we will try to give you the best deal possible. We offer competitively priced yet high-quality windshield replacements that are sourced from well-trusted manufacturers. We ensure that you’ll get the best value for your money when you put your trust in our services.

    If you have insurance, we will even help you make a claim and do the necessary paperwork on your behalf. What’s more is that by availing yourself of our services, you can get up to $100 cash back + a free bonus dinner at Rodizio Grill.

    In need of an affordable yet high-quality windshield replacement? Then call NuVision at (855) 213-0100 today!

    Get Cash Back With Your Windshield Replacement in Cave Creek

    If you want to get paid to replace your windshield, then make sure to get in touch with NuVision Auto Glass to find out the best windshield replacement deals in Cave Creek for you!

    Is windshield replacement cash back legal? It completely is! And unlike other shops, NuVision customers get up to $100 cash back + a free bonus dinner at Rodizio Grill. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

    So if you want to get this deal, call (855) 213-0100 to schedule your auto glass service now.

    ADAS Windshield Recalibration in Cave Creek

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are a family of advanced technology that equip vehicles with road safety features. These systems notify drivers for any potential situations that may cause harm or result in road-related accidents.

    ADAS features typically rely on a windshield-mounted camera to properly function. If your vehicle has ADAS features, then it is mandatory that you have it re-calibrated every time you replace your windshield. If you are not familiar with ADAS features, here are some of them:

    Common ADAS features:

    • Autonomous Emergency Braking
    • Adaptive Cruise Control
    • Forward Collision Warning
    • Blind-Spot Detection
    • Parking Assistance System
    • Lane-Departure Warnings

    Aside from providing excellent windshield replacement services, NuVision is also an expert in ADAS recalibration. Our team guarantees that correct calibration procedures are always carried out. Basically, ADAS recalibration is done in two different methods:

    Dynamic calibration – This procedure can be done on the spot. Using our specialized equipment, our techs will drive your vehicle for a few minutes to get all ADAS cameras and sensors accustomed to your new windshield, allowing them to work smoothly.

    Static calibration – When the ADAS setup of your vehicle cannot be re-calibrated in an uncontrolled environment, our techs may need to bring the unit to our nearest ADAS recalibration shop. After the procedure is completed, we will deliver it to your location without any additional charge.

    Find out more about our services by calling (855) 213-0100! Our friendly auto glass experts can even provide you a free estimate. Book an appointment now!

    Cave Creek Auto Glass

    NuVision prides itself as a company that boasts highly qualified teams of auto glass experts who can do their job excellently and provide paramount customer satisfaction. Our company was able to fulfill this through the use of high quality auto glasses for all our services.

    Here are the types of auto glasses we use:

    Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) – These auto glasses have the same thickness and durability to the ones your vehicle originally came with. The same manufacturers behind factory auto glasses are typically the same companies that produce OEM replacements. For this reason, NuVision encourages its clients to consider OEM auto glass replacements.

    Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) – These auto glasses are also known as aftermarket glass. They may be less durable than OEM, but they are significantly more affordable. However, there is nothing to worry about choosing an OEE replacement when it comes to quality. NuVision sources all our OEE auto glasses from reputable manufacturers, ensuring that all materials we use last a long time.

    About the Town of Cave Creek

    Cave Creek is a town located in Maricopa County, Arizona. It has a population of over 5,000 permanent residents, but people in town significantly increases during peak tourism seasons.

    Cave Creek has an actual creek running through the town. There are also several historic properties around the area. Two of these are the First Church of Cave Creek and Golden Reef Stamp Mill. One other historic property is even listed in the National Register of Historic Places – the Tubercular Cabin.

    Here are other popular places to visit in Cave Creek:

    • Cave Creek Regional Park
    • Cave Creek Museum
    • Cave Creek Cave
    • Black Mountain Trail
    • Spur Cross Ranch Conservation
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    Tyler Griffin
    Tyler Griffin
    This is the second time using NuVision. With nothing bad to say. I called and they took care of everything, called me back with a date to come replace my windshield. They told me someone will be there between 9am & 1pm. They arrived here at 9:15 am and was done by 10am. Awesome Job & Customer Service !
    Chris b
    Chris b
    I had a bit of a rough start with NuVision Auto Glass, but I’m delighted to share my positive experience. Lori stepped in and took charge of my case, showing exceptional dedication and efficiency. She handled everything swiftly and professionally, turning a challenging situation into a seamless and timely resolution. I’m highly impressed with her service and NuVision’s commitment to customer satisfaction. They’ve won me over as a satisfied customer!
    Amy Hoover
    Amy Hoover
    I originally reviewed them negatively because the first experience. However, the way the recitatives all the issues has changed my mind. Thank you for making everything right. Silva was professional, thorough and kind.
    J Noneya (Soverign)
    J Noneya (Soverign)
    They do a great job very fast very efficient my only complaint is I didn't realize that the covering that holds the bolt that holds the windshield in on the passenger side

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