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Same-Day Windshield Repair & Replacement

Auto Glass Services in Arizona

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    The #1 Auto Glass Company

    From minor scratches and chips to major cracks and breaks, we ensure you’re back on the road safely and swiftly with our comprehensive auto glass services. Choose Arizona’s trusted auto glass partner for hassle-free replacements at no extra cost, ensuring your journey is never halted.

    Your One-Stop Shop for Auto Glass Repair & Windshield Replacement in Arizona

    At NuVision, we understand your car’s windshield is more than just glass. It’s a vital safety component. That’s why we offer the best auto glass replacement and repair in Arizona. From on-site services to mobile windshield replacement, our experienced technicians can handle all makes and models, at no extra cost.

    1. Windshield Repair & Replacement: Our team excels in windshield repair services across Arizona with precision and care for all vehicle models, including windshield replacement. We want to increase your safety and visibility on the road.
    2. Auto Glass Solutions: With our glass replacement and auto glass repair service, you can expect lifetime guarantee backed repair or complete replacement that ensures years of clear glass and peace of mind.
    3. Side Window Services: Side windows in cars are vital to structural integrity as well as safety. Repairing or replacing car glass window is important for your vehicle’s structure and improved security. Our experts cater you personalised solutions as per the make and model of your car.
    4. ADAS Calibration: To ensure safety on the Arizona roads, our calibration of advanced driver assistance systems including automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. Our services cover both static and dynamic calibration methods.

    Each service has been designed to be convenient, mobile options at no extra charge means a hassle-free experience which fits into your busy schedule easily.  We’re here to answer your questions and get you back on the road safely. Let our auto glass experts handle your windshield repair or replacement needs. 


    Don’t let windshield damage break the bank!


    NuVision offers competitive auto glass replacement services in Arizona.  We understand the cost can vary depending on your vehicle and the damage. That’s why we provide free quotes and work with all major insurance companies to ensure a smooth and affordable experience.

    Here’s what sets NuVision apart:

    •    More Savings: $375 instant cash back on windshield replacements  
    •    Top Quality Glass: We only use the best materials to ensure your safety and a flawless finish.
    •    Fast & Convenient Service: Get back on the road quickly with our efficient repair process.


    Why Choose us?

    As your dedicated auto glass expert, selecting us means opting for unparalleled expertise, convenience and value.

    • Our online support team works 24/7 for quick help.
    • Enjoy refunds and a lifetime workmanship warranty.
    • Experience top-notch windshield repair and windshield solutions with the best quality and service.
    • Our certified experts use advanced tech for safe replacements.
    • We rely on genuine glass and modern calibration tools.
    • If with your insurance company, you get auto glass claim, we don’t charge you anything.
    • Get free windshield replacements and hassle-free insurance processing.
    • We serve luxury cars and offer free online quotes.
    • You could save up to $375 instantly and get a Free Dinner At Rodizio Grill!

    Windshield Repair vs Replacement




    • With insurance claim, no extra charge
    • Windshield repair is more cost effective than replacement
    • Repair Time: 15 minutes for each chip
    • Drive-away time: immediately



    • Blemishes don’t disappear, but spreading is prevented
    • 3 chips limit or crack up to 6 inches is insured (usually)
    • Structural integrity of windshield may be compromised



    • Pay $0 out of pocket with insurance (most cases)
    • Get up to $375 cashback with Arizona insurance
    • Maintains optimum structural integrity of your vehicle
    • Lifetime 100% satisfaction guaranteed warranty



    • For out of pocket customers, windshield replacement costs more
    • Installation time for a complete replacement is longer a simple repair
    • Drive-away time is not immediate, even with our fast-curing adhesives

    Schedule your service today and witness the NuVision Precision and Quality

    Drive safely by experiencing premium quality auto glass and get upto $375 cash back* and FREE Dinner Buffett at Rodizio Grill*
    *only for Arizona customers