Most Frequently Asked Scheduling Questions

Do auto glass companies charge for mobile service?

NuVision Auto Glass don’t have additional charges for their mobile services. If you have comprehensive auto insurance, your insurance company will pay for your windshield replacement.

Does Safelite fix side mirrors?

Safelite and other auto glass companies, such as NuVision Auto Glass, can replace your side mirrors in case they get damaged. Get in touch with them to know their rates..

How long does replacing a windshield take?

Windshield replacement usually takes sixty minutes or less. If you set up an appointment with a mobile auto glass service company, their technicians will even replace your windshield at your home, which means you can just relax at your home while waiting for your windshield to get replaced.

How do you stop a windshield crack from getting bigger?

Regardless of the size of the windshield chip or crack, schedule a windshield repair or replacement immediately. This allows you to avoid the damage from getting bigger.

What to expect at your windshield replacement appointment?

If you choose to hire a mobile auto glass shop like NuVision, expect an easy and convenient process from start to finish. Their technicians will carry out the replacement at your home or office, which means no need to take a day off at work to get your windshield replaced.

How long do you have to wait to wash car after windshield replacement?

After your windshield replacement schedule, avoid washing your car for 24 hours. Let the adhesive completely cure and dry first to avoid damaging the sealant.

How much should I pay for a new windshield?



When scheduling windshield replacement, you have two options: pay it yourself or let your insurance company handle the cost. If you have comprehensive auto coverage, your insurance company will pay for your windshield replacement.

Is Safelite more expensive?

Safelife, NuVision Auto Glass and other windshield replacement companies all have different rates. To know the best company price-wise, we suggest that you connect with them and ask for their rates yourself.

How serious is a cracked windshield?

If the crack or chip is small, it might not be that dangerous. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll just leave your windshield unrepaired. A damaged windshield will not be able to provide adequate structural support to your vehicle during accidents and it decreases your visibility.

What should I look for after windshield replacement?



After getting your windshield replaced, examine if the technician has properly installed the glass. Make sure there are no gaps or bubbles in the seal. This can cause water to seeps in through your windshield. If you hear any strange noise when driving, then that’s also a sign of poor workmanship


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