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Most Frequently Asked Windshield Care Questions

How do I stop rocks from hitting my windshield?

There are few things you can do to avoid flying rocks from hitting your windshield. Don’t tailgate another vehicle, steer clear of trucks, and avoid construction sites or gravel roads. Another thing you can do is to drive within the speed limit, which can lessen the impact of debris and rocks.

Why did my windshield cracked for no reason?

This can be because of exterme temperature changes. Fluctuations in temperature can cause the glass to expand, which leads to cracking. It can also be due to improper installation or glass imperfections. Regardless of the case, make sure to schedule a windshield replacement or repair as soon as possible.

What household items can you use to fix a cracked windshield?

Though not advised, there are few household items you can use to fix a small crack in your windshield, such as clear nail polish and super glue. Just put it on the damaged area and spread it using the nail polish brush or a cotton swab. This is only a short term repair solution, so you still need to schedule a proper auto glass service.

How do you fix a small crack in a windshield?

If you’re confident that you can do this at home, you can just buy a windshield repair kit and follow the instructions included in the packaging. But for better results, it is advisable to leave windshield repair to professionals.

Why do rocks always hit my windshield?

This can be due to your driving habits. For example, if you occasionally tailgate then you are more prone to flying rocks and other debris. When a vehicle you’re tailgating kicks up a rock, it will hit your windshield with stronger impact. So, drive slower as much as possible.

How hard is it to replace windshield?

It is not difficult to replace your windshield, especially if you leave it to professionals. You just need to schedule an appointment and they will ensure that your windshield is replaced properly.

Should I worry about a small chip in my windshield?

The simple answer on this question is yes. Even if the crack or chip seems small, have it repaired immediately. If left unrepaired, the glass will just break further, making it difficult to repair or even impossible.

How did my windshield get a crack?

This can be due to a variety of reasons such as flying rocks or gravel when driving, falling branches, hail, or even a road accident. It can also be due to extreme weather changes, poor installation, or glass imperfections. But regardless of the reason, it is important to reach out to professionals to have your windshield repaired immediately.

How serious is a cracked windshield?

If the crack or chip is small, it might not be that dangerous. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll just leave your windshield unrepaired. A damaged windshield will not be able to provide adequate structural support to your vehicle during accidents and it decreases your visibility.

Can I wash my car with a cracked windshield?

If possible, avoid taking your vehicle to a car wash if it has a damaged windshield, particularly if the crack or chip is large. It is possible for the water to cause the glass to break further. It is much better to have your windshield repaired before going to a car wash.

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