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NuVision Auto Glass FAQs
What kind of glass do you use?

We use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass, also known as factory glass, and name brand OEE (original equipment equivalent) glass. OEE glass typically comes from the same factory as OEM glass and therefore has the same exact specs, but the manufacturer doesn’t put the factory stamp on OEE glass because the cost of the glass goes up significantly when the factory stamp is put on it. If you’re using insurance, we can put in a special request to get OEM approved. The main types of OEE glass we use are Pilkington, Mopar, Car-lite, NSG, PGW, and XYG. This does vary depending on availability in your service area but no matter what brand of glass we’re installing, we only use the best glass available in the market.

What happens next after I get approved for OEM glass?

We place an order for the glass directly from the nearest dealership that supplies it and will contact you immediately once we receive it.

I've been waiting a while for my OEM glass and haven't heard anything?

Please call this number directly to check on the status of your glass:

Parts / Calibrations: 855-510-1980 

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