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ADAS Calibration Services

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Adas DA Callibrations

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    What is ADAS Calibration?

    Advanced driver assistance systems also known as ADAS are safety systems designed to prevent accidents caused by human error. They are advanced digital technologies created to assist drivers in their routine navigation as well as parking, thereby improving their on-road performance. ADAS makes use of a variety of sensor technologies to see the environment surrounding the car and give the driver pertinent information.

    Essentially, ADAS was developed to reduce the number and severity of auto accidents that are unavoidable and result in fatalities and injuries. So, if you want to be on the safer side, here are some key features you need to know about ADAS calibration to make your driving experience safer and easier.

    Features of ADAS

    ADAS calibration gives the driver critical information about the car and its surrounding area to improve safety on the road for every individual. There’s a list of safety-critical features that you’ll need to know about ADAS before you step into a shop to buy a car:

    Blind spot detection:
    Sensors and cameras assist you in detecting vehicles in your blind spots without craning your neck.

    Lane departure warning or correction:
    Sensors show you exactly where the white dotted lines are, keeping you in your lane.

    Adaptive cruise control:
    This feature is a lifesaver as it automatically speeds up or slows down your car when there are other vehicles around you.

    Night vision:
    Those on the wheel can see objects at night that would otherwise be challenging or impossible to view thanks to night vision devices.

    Automatic Emergency Braking or AEB:
    AEB uses sensors to detect inevitable car crashes and prevent them from occurring. Emergency brakes are applied to prevent car crashes in such circumstances.

    Automatic parking:
    Automatic parking helps warn drivers of hidden spaces, so they are aware of when they need to turn the wheel and stop.

    Additionally, these technologies can be used to monitor driving performance, identify pedestrian on the road, provide recommendations, and recognize driver fatigue and attention. ADAS is undoubtedly the future of automobile safety. Here is a complete guide to ADAS or windshield calibration and how they enhance the car and driver’s safety on the road.

    Why ADAS calibration is necessary?

    When driving a car, driver safety is of the utmost importance to prevent car crashes or traffic collisions. This is why calibrating your car is necessary and ADAS can help you with that. In order for a car’s integrated ADAS system to function effectively, the cameras and sensors must be aligned during the ADAS calibration process. A new car’s windshield calibration sensors are expertly adjusted to their factory standard placements. But during the course of a car’s life, collisions, small fender-benders, maintenance, or even the replacement of parts can cause these sensors to fall out of alignment. Several ADAS systems in a vehicle, for instance, are controlled via the windshield. To properly function following a windshield replacement or repair, your car’s forward-facing camera needs calibration. Even a slight deviation of your camera will have an impact on your entire system.

    How can the calibration process restore the optimal performance of ADAS sensors?

    The first step in every ADAS calibration is the pre-scan. The windshield camera calibration is done to determine how accurate the sensors are currently performing and the precision of the alignment. The technician then manually positions each ADAS sensor or camera in the correct location. The alignment is then fine-tuned by the ADAS sensor calibration module itself using more exact electronic adjustments. After the process is complete, the technician runs a post-repair scan to ensure that everything functions and appears as it should. This is to make sure that the cameras and sensors are precisely aligned in accordance with the manufacturer and industry standards.

    At Nuvision Auto Glass, we provide top-quality service to our customers. Our skilled ADAS calibration specialist will provide you with assistance with all the ADAS calibration tools to ensure the effectiveness of ADAS and improve your vehicle’s overall road safety. The best part is that our expert will arrive within a matter of time with the necessary ADAS calibration equipment reducing your day’s hassle. Further, to guarantee that your ADAS continues to keep you safe and away from traffic collisions, we calibrate it according to the OEM specification of your car.

    Types of ADAS Calibration

    When talking about the automotive industry, what places key importance is how the vehicle has been designed to ensure the driver’s safety. This is where ADAS safety mechanisms come into play. Nuvision Auto Glass offers two types of ADAS calibration services, namely static and dynamic calibration.

    Static ADAS Calibration

    Static calibration is used during startup in almost all automobiles. A static calibration must occur in a controlled setting when the car is stationary. Static calibration requires specialized windshield calibration tools in a specially created environment to set proper sensor angles. Our ADAS specialist will need the following:

    • A properly finished floor
    • An open space with no obstruction
    • Consistent, adjustable lighting
    • No reflective surface or direct sunlight
    • Neutral colors on the floor and walls
    • No reflections on the windshield of your car

    What ADAS calibration equipment may be needed by the technician?

    Our technician will need an ADAS scan tool to mount on your car because the majority of OEMs require a diagnostic tool to access and start the calibration procedures, aiming targets such as radars with metal pyramid shapes or reflective metal plates, ADAS calibration tool to hold up targets at a precise, calculated, and measured distance from the vehicle, measuring tapes, and an alignment rack.

    Dynamic ADAS Calibration

    While some cars require static calibration, few cars may automatically need dynamic calibration. Dynamic calibration calls for using an ADAS scan tool while operating the vehicle under specific conditions and speeds. Although the dynamic calibration process may vary by OEM, there are certain parameters that must be met such as driving on clearly marked roads, steering clear of curved roads, following in the line of one or more cars, and driving at a certain speed.

    Typically, two technicians will be required during the dynamic calibration of your car. One will drive the vehicle, while the other will operate the ADAS scan tool. Some key parameters will be verified while the software is mounted on your car such as certain speed details while the car is running, driving in a line with other cars, or traveling on well-defined roadways.

    However, it’s important to know that when your ADAS calibration equipment is mounted behind or on the windshield, you’ll need to recalibrate at the time you opt for a windshield replacement. A recalibration prompts sensors where to look while driving. Moreover, changes that raise or lower your vehicle’s ride height often alter the precision of your sensors and cameras, prompting a recalibration of your ADAS.

    How much does ADAS calibration cost?

    When you properly recalibrate your ADAS, it will prevent deaths or injuries by warning the driver and preventing accidents from occurring. This will extend the lifespan of ADAS while also saving the car owner’s cost significantly in potential areas of replacements. Besides, ADAS calibration cost may vary depending on your vehicle’s information and what needs to be calibrated. Whether you live in Arizona, Colorado, or South Carolina, we, at Nuvision Auto Glass, recommend you connect with one of our experts as they have the required training and accreditation to offer you quality service.

    ADAS Calibration Systems

    One of the most commonly asked questions is how long does windshield calibration take? Typically, the calibration process for ADAS takes time and according to a 2018 IIHS assessment, the calibration time is typically 1.7 hours, with a maximum of 6 hours and a minimum of 1 hour. As a result, Nuvision Auto Glass keeps its commitment to improving driving convenience and safety by offering technician credentials, equipment, site design, and even a unique management system.

    Our skilled technicians at Nuvision Auto Glass have provided a lot of services to many customers in Arizona, Colorado, and South Carolina. We have nothing but happy clients and satisfied customers.

    All in all, ADAS recalibration services are continuing to transform and better the safety, comfort, and convenience of drivers all around the globe. So, if you’re looking for an expert who can help you with ADAS calibration, look to Nuvision Auto Glass for all your ADAS calibration service requirements. You won’t be disappointed as our team of highly trained experts will take care of your safety by providing services at an affordable rate and at your convenience. You can also contact us to get a quote or book an online appointment at your ease. We will quickly respond to your service requests and offer unmatched knowledge all along the way.


    ADAS calibration should be done whenever a related part is replaced, after a windshield replacement, or following a collision. It’s also recommended to have your ADAS calibrated annually as part of routine vehicle maintenance.
    While it’s possible to drive your car with overdue ADAS calibration, it’s not advisable. Your vehicle’s safety systems may not function correctly, increasing the risk of accidents.
    The time it takes to perform ADAS calibration can vary depending on the vehicle’s model and the number of systems that need to be calibrated. On average, it can take between 1 to 3 hours.
    Often, insurance policies do cover ADAS calibration, especially if it’s necessitated by a covered repair like a windshield replacement. However, coverage varies, so it’s best to check with your insurance provider.
    After ADAS calibration, all systems should function smoothly without any warning lights appearing on the dashboard. If you notice any unusual behavior or alerts, it’s best to contact your calibration center.
    Yes. Mobile ADAS calibration technicians have the necessary tools and expertise to offer the same level of service and precision as in-center calibration.
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