Types of Windshield Cracks and Causes

There are many distinct types of Windshield Cracks. This story will help you understand the most common types of Windshield Cracks.

Windshield Chip - Bull's Eye Chip & Start Chip

1. Caused by the impact of debris or small rocks, Bull's eye chip have circular shape with dark spot in the center.

2. Star Chip have an appearance of the star with multiple legs usually caused by smaller impact

Bull's Eye - Partial & Complete Bull's Eye

1. Partial Bull's eye has semicircular pattern with a dark center.

2. Complete Bull's eye is caused by a major impact or collision and has a complete circular pattern with dark center.

Half Moon - Partial or Complete Half Moon

1. Resulting from a partially repaired chip, the appearance can be that of a partial half moon with a curved edge,

2. A Complete Half Moon forms out of significant impact and has a round appearance with a dark center

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